Pool Facilities

Northcrest Club has two pools with plenty of room for member swimming and activities. Depending on seasonal changes, the pool is generally open mid-May to late September. Facilities are for members in good standing only. Guests of members are welcome and are the responsibility of the hosting member. For everyone's safety and enjoyment, please review and follow all posted safety guidelines—as well as any and all directions from lifeguards on duty.

Summer Pool Hours:
Sunday to Thursday *9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Lifeguard hours, noon to 8 p.m.)
Friday and Saturday *9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Lifeguard hours, noon to 9 p.m.)
*Please note, the club is maintained by volunteer members who are people. People forget. If you find the pool closed when it should be open, please call the volunteer contact on the gate. If it's open when it should be closed, please pitch in and lock up or at least call the volunteer listed on the gate.

Pool Rules:
Complete pool rules are included in Article IX of the club bylaws. Safety is paramount to a successful aquatics program and all members are responsible for doing their part to ensure the safety of themselves and fellow members. Here is the quick list that should help you avoid being "that guy."

  • The lifeguard is in charge of the pools. When he/she gives an instruction, don't take it personally. All members—regardless of experience, age position of authority or good looks—should do their part to help our lifeguards maintain a safe swimming environment.
  • Unsupervised swim is permitted ONLY when there is an adult swimmer 18 or over present. No solo swims! When a lifeguard is present, children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult swimmer 14 or over. Only children 5 and under are permitted in the wading pool. 
  • No glass is ever permitted on the pool deck area—ever. This has nothing to do with how careful you will be or how it was done somewhere else. It is both a serious safety concern as well as a financial one. The expense of cleaning up broken glass out of our pools can easily exceed $1K and will be billed to "that guy." If you must use glass, leave it in the breezeway and use a plastic cup (provided).  
  • Children under 5 must wear a swim diaper. We know your kid is good and would never do that. But if he/she does, you'll be "the guy that got the pool shut down in the middle of July." 

Tiki Hut

The Northcrest Tiki Hut is a great spot to grab a snack, cold beverage or essentials for a fun day at the club.

swim lessons.png

Swim Lessons

Learning to swim is not only fun, but a great way to help keep children safe around the water.


Party Reservations

Members are welcome to host their next party at the club. For groups larger than 10, use our new online booking site!