Membership Dues

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Membership Dues

from 290.00

For returning members, dues consist of two parts in 2019. The first part is the familiar yearly dues. The second part is a $25 maintenance fee to be put towards immediate club needs. The fee can be waived for any membership contributing 3 hours of volunteer time.

For members wishing to renew “manually,” please return this member info form with your check payment to the PO Box included.

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Yearly dues depend on the membership type—single, double or family. These are for memberships consisting of one, two or three or more individuals 3 years of age or over in the household.

New this year is a $25 maintenance assessment for each membership. Alternatively, you may select the "volunteer" option for your membership level. The fee is waived for memberships that can contribute 3 hours of volunteer work related to the club. Our volunteer coordinator can help you select a task appropriate for any skill level or ability.

Here is a snapshot of basic renewal dues:

Single—one member (+3 as of April 1) in household+$25 late fee = $325
Double—two members (+3 as of April 1) in household+$25 late fee = $475
Family—three or more members (+3 as of April 1) in household+$25 late fee = $525

Seniors (60+) currently receive a discount off yearly dues. Please select this option if you are prepared to verify your date of birth.

Renewals start in January of each succeeding year and are typically discounted the first two months of the year. Dues are considered late by May.


Members over 70 are exempt from maintenance assessment and volunteer requirements. Please select the volunteer option and your status will be noted when membership is processed.