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New Membership

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Northcrest Club is currently accepting applications for new membership. A new membership consists of two parts. The first is the membership fee—which is only paid once as long as a membership does not lapse—and the second part is first year dues. In 2019 the membership fee is $200 for new members.

For new members wishing to apply “manually,” please complete this application and send check payment to the PO Box indicated.

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Yearly dues depend on the membership type—single, double or family. These are for memberships consisting of one, two or three or more individuals 3 years of age or over in the household. When adding this to your first year membership fee, here's is what 2019 looks like:

Single—one member (+3 as of April 1) in household — $200 + $300+$25 late fee = $525
Double—two members (+3 as of April 1) in household — $200 + $450+$25 late fee = $675
Family—three or more members (+3 as of April 1) in household — $200 + $500+$25 late fee = $725

Seniors (60+) currently receive a discount off yearly dues. Please select this option if you are prepared to verify your date of birth.

Renewals start in January of each succeeding year and are typically discounted the first two months of the year. Dues are considered late by May.